About Us

We love nature and fashion, so we decided to find a way to combine the two. Our sunglasses are made of bamboo. They look fabulous and are very environmentally friendly.

Throughout Asia bamboo has been used as building material, as a food source and also as a material to make utensils and accessories, just like our sunglasses. Several Asian cultures believe humanity emerged from a bamboo stem. The long life of bamboo has lead to many symbolic meanings. Like in China, bamboo is the symbol of uprightness and in India of friendship.

Special features of bamboo such as uprightness, tenacity and a hollow heart (i.e. open to others and to goodness), people endow bamboo with characteristics like integrity, elegance and a open mind. We try to incorporate this vision into our sunglasses and our business. As a company we are trying to be as forward as possible about the origin of the bamboo we use for our sunglasses. We are showing our goodness of heart by donating an amount of our profits to charity. We think nature is important to all of humanity and we should respect it more.

There are many more stories and interesting facts to tell about bamboo, but let's return to our main item: sunglasses. They are made of high quality bamboo and are crafted by hand. We have chosen a series of timeless designs. We take pride in our products.

With Regium Wear sunglasses fashioned out of bamboo you can be part of this long history and all of its lovely symbolism, so join the club!


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