Caesar - Blue

    • Unisex design
    • Eco-Friendly handcrafted sunglasses
    • Pick from two kind of cases
    • Unique
    • Light Weight
    • Made from sustainable bamboo
    • Water-proof and floats on water
    • Polarized lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection
    • We ship to all countries
    • Shipped within 1-3 business days

Type: Sunglasses

General Information

All of our sunglasses are super comfortable to wear, because of the light weight of the bamboo. You'll barely even feel that you're wearing them! Drop them in the water? No problem. They float, so you won't lose them that easily. The hinges bend, making them wearable by everyone. With Regium Wear sunglasses you will always have a good time! Plus, bamboo is the fastest growing tree in the world. So by buying these sunglasses, you're supporting the environment. Bamboo is very sustainable and hard to break, so your sunglasses will last for years. Especially with the bamboo case we provide for free! These sunglasses are sporting our logo on the sides, and 'REGIUM WEAR' on the inside.

About Caesar

  • This is one of our more daring lines. Think you can handle it? The 'Caesar' is based on the 'Clubmaster' type of sunglasses. Very unique and definitely not something you see on the streets every day. With these sunglasses you'll be turning heads wherever you go, especially with the blue and purple glasses. Want to try if this is your style? Go for a simpler look with the black or brown glasses. They are very stylish, this trend is definitely up-and-coming! The 'Caesar' is made out of dark bamboo, which makes it very special and gives it a high quality appearance.

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